Terms and Conditions of Entry – Competitions

  1. These Terms and Conditions of Entry apply in addition to the information provided in the notice of the competition (hereinafter the “Competition Notice”).
  2. The organiser of the competition is GREIFF Mode GmbH & Co. KG, Memmelsdorfer Straße 250, 96052 Bamberg, GERMANY.
  3. The prizes, possible methods of entry and entry deadline can be found in the Competition Notice. Entries can only be submitted by the specified entry deadline. Entries must be received by then. All the methods of entry offered are equal in terms of the chances of winning.
  4. Where the opportunity to enter is subject to other conditions (e.g. a purchase order or consent) for all or individual methods of entry, this is stated in the Competition Notice. Cancelling a purchase order or withdrawing your consent at a later date does not affect your chance of winning.
  5. All natural persons aged 14 or over are eligible to enter. All employees of the company GREIFF Mode GmbH & Co. KG are prohibited from entering the competition. Multiple entries by one person are not permitted.
  6. Influencing equal opportunities through technological manipulation or by submitting multiple entries, giving false personal details or committing a similar serious act of infringement will result in exclusion from participation, including at a later date, if necessary.
  7. If the competition is also being run or advertised on social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram), the following applies: Comments that breach the social media network’s guidelines, German law and/or copyright are deleted without notice when discovered. The entrant is thereby excluded from the competition.
  8. The winners are selected at random from all the eligible entrants and are informed that they have won in writing, by email, by telephone or by direct message (e.g. on social media networks). If all the details required to aware the prize have not yet been provided, the winners will be requested to provide this information to the organiser within a reasonable period of time. If the information requested from a winner is not received within five working days, the winner will lose their entitlement to the prize and the prize will be awarded to someone else.
  9. The prize is not redeemable for cash and cannot be exchanged for or substituted with another prize, and entitlement to the prize cannot be transferred to a third party.
  10. The organiser sends non-cash prizes to the winner free of charge. The winner is obliged to give notice of any visible defects in the prize within 14 days; the deadline is considered to have been met if the notice of defects is sent to the competition partner by this date. If the deadline is not met, the winner loses their right to make claims on the grounds of visible defects.
  11. The organiser processes the personal data provided by entrants (including with the help of that provided by service providers) when and to the extent that this is necessary to run the competition and award the prize, or if the entrants have given their consent otherwise. You can find further information on data processing at https://www.greiff.de/en/privacy-policy/.
  12. If the competition is also being run or advertised on social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram), the following applies: Each entrant releases the operator of the social media network from any liability. The competition is not affiliated with the operator of the social media network and is not sponsored, supported or organised by it in any way.
  13. There is no right to seek legal recourse.

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