Three tie knots that suit any situation.

The Four-in-Hand
This is an all-rounder and also great for first-timers. The knot is easy to master and suits both casual and formal outfits. Suitable for almost all ties and collar types, with one exception: very wide ties. These, however, are unlikely to be GREIFF ties.

Half Windsor
With its elegant triangular shape, this tie knot is suited to narrow-point collars as well as classic collar styles. Ideal for narrow ties. Rather less suitable for models made of heavy fabric, such as those produced by other makers.

Full Windsor
Special occasions merit a Windsor knot – and expert knot-tying skills. Since the Windsor delivers a voluminous knot, it is best suited to a spread collar such as the Kent and shark collar. Suitable for our GREIFF ties, less so for thick and wide styles.