The past few months have seen us selecting new colours and materials. We’ve refined our cuts and have brought numerous ideas to fruition. As from today, you’ll be able to judge the results in our new, 260-page catalogue CORPORATE WEAR and GASTRO MODA 2019/20.

Our CASUAL collection from the CORPORATE WEAR range has undergone the biggest transformation. The smallest collection to date has – in keeping with the trend towards more casual clothing – grown significantly. You’ll find much more choice when it comes to colours and quality – ideal for mixing and matching.

Our other three collections have also undergone some major changes: the blouses and shirts from our PREMIUM collection are now even more lustrous thanks to a touch of extra stretch and comfort. The expanded MODERN WITH 37.5 ® line impresses with new colours, and our BASIC collection has also had an upgrade, now featuring brand-new slim-fit shirts and blouses.

A highlight of our new GASTRO MODA catalogue is the casual DENIM collection – from chef jackets and aprons to shirts and blouses. On top of that, our CUISINE and SERVICE lines offer you even more new and modern materials and patterns, such as fibres made of recycled PET bottles, which we use in our new CANVAS aprons.

We hope you enjoy browsing our catalogues!