Almost every company is now committed to sustainability and responsible business practices, so it makes sense that corporate wear has to be ethically produced too. If you choose GREIFF, you can be confident that we select our production partners with just as much care as all the materials we use.

We only use producers who guarantee fair, safe and respectful working conditions for their employees, conserve energy and raw materials, and work with us to meet the highest standards of quality.


You can find it on the label sewn into your garment. With the aid of the myGREIFF code, you can trace the whole process that went into making your product – from the fibre to the finished item of clothing. You can see where the raw materials used for your product came from and where they were processed.

Fair Wear Foundation

Since 15 March 2015, GREIFF has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. The FWF is an independent, non-profit organisation that aims to improve labour conditions in the textile and clothing industry.


All of the cotton used for the GREIFF collections CUISINE EXQUISIT and CUISINE PREMIUM is certified by Fairtrade. This cotton comes from small-scale farming organisations that meet Fairtrade environmental, economic and social standards. Fairtrade makes long-term improvements to the lives of cotton growers’ families.

Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

By joining the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, we are setting another example for sustainability and transparency. The aim of this Partnership is to reach social, ecological and economical improvements throughout the entire textile supply chain.

Max Tex

MaxTex is an informal national and international association of companies which stand for sustainability in the textile chain. Sustainability is to be reflected in the entire product spectrum of the textile industry.


We also use high-quality materials that have been tested for harmful substances. GREIFF materials are also certified in accordance with the Oeko-TEX Standard 100.

Code of Conduct

We acknowledge our corporate social responsibility, regardless of the location at which we conduct our business – whether in Germany, Europe or other parts
of the world. As a member of the Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industry (t+f) we refer to the Code of Conduct of the Confederation Textile and