Gastro Moda

Everything has to be perfect in the food-service and hotel industries – and that includes the staff’s clothing. As well as being tasteful and fashionable, it has to be comfortable and meet the highest quality standards. All of this applies to large hotels, restaurants and canteens alike.

GASTRO MODA from GREIFF is tailored to precisely these requirements. Our CUISINE collections have everything clothing needs to withstand demanding kitchen environments. Meanwhile, our SERVICE range guarantees a stylish, professional appearance.

GASTRO MODA from GREIFF boasts intelligent features, quality workmanship and outstanding care properties – along with a virtually endless range of styles.


When it comes to kitchen clothing, our recipe for success is simple: like you, we only use the very best ingredients. For instance, the chefs’ jackets in our CUISINE EXQUISIT collection use nothing but the finest cotton fabrics and boasts functional fabrics and styles. CUISINE PREMIUM offers innovative and fashionable styles. If value for money is your top priority, CUISINE BASIC is the collection for you.


However turbulent things are behind the scenes, your staff will look perfect with our SERVICE collection. Both the fabric and workmanship are first class.

Shirts & Blouses

Our collections comprise a wide range of shirts and blouses designed to complement our SERVICE lines perfectly.


Our men’s and women’s T-shirts show that ultra fine, elastic cotton fabric makes all the difference. It feels great against the skin and is functional and breathable.


Add a personal touch with our ACCESSORIES. We have a wide range of hats, caps, bandannas, scarves and ties in fashionable colours. Alternatively, add an extra kick to any of our GREIFF chefs’ jackets with our unique spherical buttons. There’s something to suit any taste.