Corporate Wear

More and more companies are now choosing to use corporate clothing. Firstly because they want to make a good impression, and secondly because they want to strengthen their employees’ team spirit and sense of self-esteem.

Our off-the-peg CORPORATE WEAR range is the largest in Europe. Our modular catalogue includes garments for men and women and the various pieces can be mixed and matched virtually limitlessly.

Our PREMIUM, MODERN, CASUAL, BASIC and OUTDOOR collections are the ideal combination of fashion and functionality and cater for a wide range of different requirements. All of them represent great value for money.

CORPORATE WEAR from GREIFF boasts an impressive combination of features, detailing and unsurpassed care properties. Modern, innovative materials guarantee wearer comfort and ensure a perfect fit.


Timeless cuts for a smart appearance.
High-quality service providers such as banks, insurance companies and tour operators want their staff to look the part. The PREMIUM collection from GREIFF ticks all the right boxes. The timeless, fashionable designs are just as impressive as the perfect workmanship and bi-stretch fabric, which is very durable and easy-care. The largest off-the-peg collection of corporate wear in Europe offers you a unique level of choice: a modular system with three different fits and 27 styles in as many as six colours. All of the garments coordinate perfectly with our PREMIUM shirts and blouses, which are made from top-quality cotton fabric.


Up-to-the-minute functionality and design.
Our redeveloped MODERN collection has its finger on the pulse, twinning the very latest cuts with new 37.5® Technology developed by the US company Cocona. This innovative fabric works perfectly with your skin, maintains the microclimate between your body and clothing at the ideal body temperature and absorbs moisture optimally. This guarantees greater, long-lasting comfort, which in turn boosts performance. Your staff will love the technology just as much as they love the array of mix-and-match options. We offer a selection of two fits, five colours and 15 different styles. Perfectly coordinated shirts and blouses are also available, of course.


Casual Friday every day.
Our CASUAL collection proves that you can do business successfully in a more laid-back style. Sporty jackets and blazers worn with chinos or jeans make a casual but smart and attractive impression.


Makes a good impression even in tough environments.
Whenever corporate wear is really put through its paces – at transport companies, security firms or in the catering industry – our BASIC collection is the right choice. The modular collection consisting of twelve styles in three colours offers countless mix-and-match options and is tough enough to cope with everyday wear. All of the styles are made from an extremely hard-wearing, washable blend of new wool, polyester and elastane with a finish that repels water and dirt. There is also a large selection of shirts and blouses designed to meet exacting demands.


Never leaves your staff out in the cold.
It goes without saying that you want your employees to look smart even in cold or wet weather. That is why we at GREIFF have developed a capsule collection made from modern softshell and fleece fabrics. All of the coats and jackets feature outstanding workmanship and a fashionable design.


Our T-shirts and polo shirts are kind to the skin and retain their shape well. They are ideal for a smart look in a more informal setting.


Keeping you comfortable all year round. Our knitwear feels great and is easy-care thanks to high-quality, shape-retentive new wool/acrylic fibres. We offer pullovers, cardigans and tank tops in a timeless range of colours to suit your company’s look.